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Tbilisi Fashion Week
The syntheses of good taste, sense of style and elegance always was a distinguish feature of Georgian Women. Establishment of fashion tradition has been going on in Tbilisi for the last 20 years, marked with opening of fashion houses, introduction of international standards of quality control, etc. Georgian designers have been striving for way forward in this extremely competitive environment and some of them have successfully established themselves on international arena.
However, development of fashion industry requires not only talented and creative people with stamina, but also regular and close cooperation with world fashion industry professionals – critics, buyers, media and other institutions.
The main goal of Tbilisi Fashion Week is to promote Tbilisi as cultural and business center in the region, to support development of fashion industry in Georgia, to promote new designers and to assist exporting Georgian fashion production to International Market.
Based on this approach and taking into consideration international experience a concept and format of events was established. This concept unites cultural, educational and communication components.
Since October 2009, Tbilisi Fashion Week held twice a year, Spring and Fall. Mainly Georgian designers, working in Georgia and abroad, are participating in TFW. Although, more foreign designers have an interest in TFW and this is a big pleasure for us.
Since its establishment, TFW gained many friends and supporters. Thanks to all, who somehow was involved and compassioned that TFW could be held and our fashion society could enjoy new collections & shows!