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ARIDO Hemden Manufaktur GmbH

ARIDO Hemden Manufaktur GmbH
The brand "Arido" covers market and consumer needs in the divisions: men's shirts, ladies shirts and polo-shirts - in the fashion as well as in the "Trachten" sector; also boxer shorts are part of the product line.
Hits:6561,   Registered 25-07-2012, Country: Austria 

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Products and keywords:
shawls, casual shirts for men, dress shirts for men, city shirts for men, cummerbund, casual friday shirts for men, ladies shirt-blouses, ladies folkloristic shirts, ladies fashion-blouses, bow ties, ladies folkloristic blouses ("Pfoad"), mens's folkloristic shirts "Pfoad", ties, boxer shorts, ladies folkloristic blouses, accessories, men's polo shirts, ladies polo-shirts
Company type:
Fashion brand
Men's, Women's