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Blooms of London
‘Blooms of London’ was born out of a love for luxury style and fashion, combined with a desire to see more accessible, affordable, and whimsical designs on the marketplace – without compromising on quality. Our products are umbrellas, handbags ties.
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Products and keywords:
Clear Transparent Umbrellas, Ties, Handbags, Windresilient Umbrellas,Dome Umbrellas,British Umbrellas
Company type:
Exporter, Fashion brand, Fashion designer, Importer, Manufacturer, Retailer, Wholesaler
Chilldren's, Men's, Unisex, Women's
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Accessories, Activewear, Clothing, Handbags, Leather goods, Outdoor products, Outerwear
Fashion Blogs, Made to order, Ready to wear producers, Sample Sales

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