Tortoise jeans at Designers & Agents in Los Angeles

10 June 2014 | + Boyana Dimova

The brand name - Tortoise draws inspiration from and embodies the tangible ecological and symbolic qualities of the namesake creature. TORTOISE Jeans approaches denim manufacturing with the perspective that its not just about an accelerated sprint to an end result, it’s about the process and the sometimes slow journey we take. We make the best washed jeans in the world.

A tortoise shell reveals a a story about the creature, it can help identify its age, experiences, and species. The scute patterns that make up the classic hexagon shapes of a shell are incredibly diverse and there are not only interspecies differences in patterns, they even vary among individuals of the same species. With that concept in mind, no two Tortoise jeans are exactly the same. Each pant is painstakingly handled by multiple artisans to create one of a kind jeans in limited batches. Each jean has it own "scute patterns," tell tale signs- unique whisker patterns, variegated hues of blue, different selvage fabrics- that can also be attributed to the different artisanal touch of each craftsman involved in the process.

Lukus Eichmann brings his noted background in fashion and entrepreneurship to TORTOISE Jeans. Lukus has launched premium denim and contemporary brands that have sold at some of the finest retailers in the world. He has been personally profiled in top publications, including the New York Times, Vogue, French Vouge and Entrepreneur Magazine.

Kevin Youn has spent over 20 years pursuing the best methods to launder denim and brings fundamental wash concepts to TORTOISE Jeans. After spending 12 years at Koos Manufacturing, including spearheading the wash development for AG jeans, Kevin moved on to Greentechcorp, to consult and manufacture commercial laundry solutions for wash facilities worldwide.


Tortoise jeans at Designers & Agents in Los Angeles

Tortoise jeans at Designers & Agents in Los Angeles

Tortoise jeans at Designers & Agents in Los Angeles

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Designers & Agents in Los Angeles

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