MadRubb 2015 collection - Delirium

02 October 2015 | + Boyana Dimova

From the latin "delirium": Mental confusion characterized by hallucinations, absurd thoughts repetition and incoherence.

MADRUBB presents DELIRIUM, a new collection to which the national leading latex firm invites us to dive into a dream world full of unbridled sensuality and femininity.

This obsession for femininity leads MADRUBB to raise latex to a new level, part dream, part reality, where distortion of concepts triumphs. A technical and artistic challenge that leads us into a world of impossible finishes and silhouettes, drawn from disturbing dreams where original and powerful pieces exude an unusual classicism.

The print latex burst with some exclusive designs of lace and tartan, giving the collection a touch of sophistication and elegance that MADRUBB has accustomed us.

In DELIRIUM, accessories are especially noteworthy: masks, hats, visors, braces, neck blouses ... without forgetting lingerie sets and essential items such as pants, shorts, tops and dresses.

A collection with a grand finale of latex pieces embroidered with glass, not only a craftsmanship technique, but a MADRUBB worldwide exclusive.

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