Sell made-to-measure suits and earn up to 120 000 euro per year without any investment

11 December 2015 | + Silvia Kabaivanova

* You can earn an additional income up to 120 000 euro per year without any investment

Nowadays everyone would be happy to be able to earn more money. We can offer you an idea how you can achieve that - become a promoter of the online store for made-to-measure suits

The business is ideal for working and studying individuals in Western Europe, USA and Russia, as well us for stylish men, who work in large corporations and can promote the suits to their colleagues. For example, if you work in a big law firm, you can promote the made-to-measure suits to your colleagues. And they will be happy, because offers affordable quality made-to-measure suits that you will not find in the stores. You can set up your own business or you can just work with Richmart factory as an individual.

How much can you earn exactly?
If you sell made-to-measure suits via Richmart’s online store, here is how much profit can you have:
You can earn approximately 200€ from selling one suit.

- if you sell 20 pieces multiplied by 200 € profit = 4000 € / month. This means you can earn 48 000 € / year;
- if you sell 30 pieces multiplied by 200 € profit = 6000 € / month. This means you can earn 72 000 € / year;
- if you sell 50 pieces multiplied by 200 € profit = 10 000 € / month. This means you can earn 120 000 € per / year;

* You should know that Richmart factory is registered in Bulgaria and according to the Bulgarian legislation the tax profit is just 10%.

Be a fashion consultant in your company and in your city!

Richmart offers this great opportunity and an additional business for more than 1000 people working and studying in Western Europe, USA and Russia.

Who can aply?
1. Everybody who has salesmanship can make business in fashion without any designer skills.

2.The business offer is suitable for:
- working or studying individuals as an additional income (you can offer our products to your colleagues, friends or via an online store);
- people with their own private business (you can easily develop additional business for yourself or a relative);

3. Richmart's product – Made-to-measure men’s suits:
- 100% European production;
- 100% European fabrics and accessories from Italian and English world known producers;
- competitive prices;
- term of production – 1, 2 or 3 weeks;

4. Richmart business model is successful because:
- the business model made-to-measure (MTM) is successfully tested with partners from more than 30 countries;
- Richmart offers 100% European production;
- Prices are very competitive because you will work directly with the manufacturer – a suit will cost between 450 € and 650 € for the client (including your commission, which is about 200 € for Richmart’s agents – fashion consultants);
- The prices of made-to-measure suits on the market in Europe, USA and Russia are about 800 € – 1200 €
MTM suits on the world market are represented mainly by fashion consultants and their production and market prices are very expensive.

5. Richmart provides for free the required technological knowledge:
- how to work with Richmart’s online store;
- how to represent Richmart’s products - men’s suits, men’s jackets, men’s trousers, men’s waistcoats, men’s overcoats;

6. Your responsibilities will be:
- to represent Richmart’s products to the potential clients;
- to fill in the order form in Richmart’s online store;

7. Required skills:
- good communication skills;
- salesmanship skills;

8. It is not required to have any designer skills. The client is the one creating the model. You only have to fulfill his requests.

How to become a fashion consultant without any designer skills

9. Richmart provides for free the required technological knowledge in a one day training. This training can be conducted in the following locations:
- Richmart’s showroom in the World Fashion Centre Amsterdam, Netherlands;
- at Richmart‘s booth in over 40 international fashion fairs during the year (New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Dallas, Milan, Paris, London, Berlin, Dusseldorf, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Wien and others);
- The showroom of Richmart in Ruse, Bulgaria;

10. RICHMART is the most modern company for custom men’s suits (MTM) in Europe with a capacity for production of more than 1,000 suits / day. RICHMART produces collections for world famous brands from over 30 countries. At Richmart factory work sewing specialists from Italy, Germany and the Netherlands. Richmart also works with Goldratt Consulting for developing the business strategy – MTM and MTO - THE NEW FORMULA IN FASHION.

11. The Made-to-Measure suit is a product, gaining even more popularity on the US and Western European market. The MTM suits are offered mainly by master tailors and their production and market price is very high.

12. RICHMART developed a production line for MTM suits (using the principle of Henry Ford in his automobile production line) and achieved:
- modern product line - 100% European;
- a luxury product – 100% European production;
- 100% European materials with competitive prices;

13. RICHMART uses selections of fabrics from leading Italian and English manufacturers with over 1500 different designs.

14. This business model offers the possibility for our partners to enter the global fashion industry and start making profit with only a small investment.

For any additional information you can contact Richmart at:
- The fashion showroom in Amsterdam, the Netherlands
World Fashion Centre, tower 2, floor 4 Kon. Wilhelminaplein 13, 1062 HH Amsterdam, Netherlands
tel: + 00 31 6 45838526 Mariya Christova

- Richmart - men’s suit factory
Bulgaria, Ruse, Potsdam 10 Str
tel: +359 88 403 4645

Here you can check Richmart’s online store

How to become a fashion consultant without any designer skills

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