Gift for Mark Zuckerberg

14 May 2016 | + Boyana Dimova
The Men's Fashion Cluster Academy gives 365 men's suit jackets to Mark Zuckerberg as a gift. It announced it earlier this year, but Mark Zuckerberg did not call yet to claim this gift. The Men's Fashion Cluster team is very serious in this offer and once again wants to make it for Mark Zuckerberg's birthday, which is on, 14th May.
Mark Zuckerberg is a fan of the gray t-shirts, but recently we started seeing him in a suit. Mark, be an example for young people, because they should be ready for the business world, and clothing is very important as it gives the first impression of the person. Men's Fashion Cluster's mission is to make young people more successful.
They can't wear t-shirts on important events until they create their own successful business. Let's us remind you about the legendary Beatles' manager who imposed the suit as the band's stage clothing, to make them an example for the young people who imitate them. Furthermore, the suit is a very comfortable garment, when it is made-to-measure.
On 8-9 June the Men's Fashion Cluster organizes a big TOC business conference with lectors from USA and Europe. Mark Zuckerberg is invited there to receive his gift.

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