Gianluca Vacchi and his huge birthday celebration

08 August 2016 | + Boyana Dimova

Friday was Gianluca Vacchi's 49th birthday, and he celebrated it as a real celebrity.

Vacchi, the Italian entrepreneur who is known for what he calls the "GV Lifestyle". had a four-day blowout on the island of Sardegna, Italy with model and entrepreneur Giorgia Gabriele. The festivities included time on a yacht, a giant party, and of course, extravagant presents.

The two spent the day on a sailboat, covered in GV logos, sailed out of Liscia Ruja beach on Sardegna.

After, the swimming day, the evening was just incredible - the party is on. In the evening, the villa, nicknamed H2O, was turned into a giant club, and Vacchi partied with friends until late in the night.
As you can assume the present are more just than extragavant. Vacchi received a vintage Vespa, which will be parked right next to his Rolls Royce, we are sure!

Gianluca Vacchi Celebrates His 49th Birthday

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