Why It Is Actually Useful to Get Your Heart Broken

16 Mart 2017 | + Silvia Kabaivanova

We live in the crazy world where everything alters and seems like there are no stable things left. Romantic relationships are rather a tricky phenomenon. They bring lots of pleasure and happiness but there are sad moments as well. For various reasons, modern daters part and find new partners to date. Yet in between these phases, there is something to do with your emotional sphere. Here is the explanation why everyone should get his or her heart broken at least once in a life.

You realize you’re loved by other people. Being in a relationship is amazing, especially at the honeymoon stage. On the other hand, when we are in love with someone, it might not be so obvious that other people need us too – just like we need them. As you get your heart broken, your dearest ones show up and prove life isn’t that bad. Likewise, being free allows you to spend more time with them. So experiencing a breakup is another way to feel the backing of your parents and closest friends. Isn’t this pain worth special moments together?

You gain valuable experience. Anything that takes place in our life is for something. Whether it makes your whole body and soul hurt or takes you to the seventh heaven, your job is to learn from this situation. Don’t just get rid of all the pressure and pain you feel inside – learn the lessons your life gives. Recalling the details of my love life, I can say all breakups only made me stronger. Your entire personality changes with each sad case. In addition, you learn to manage issues that inevitably occur in any couple. Hence, your future romances will be saved from disasters.

You change for the better as a person. I’ve always believed self-growth is the core goal of our life. Of course, there are many other goals to achieve but you can barely succeed if you don’t grow. Love urges us to show our best qualities as this is what we impress other people with and sustain their curiosity. Likewise, the feeling of emptiness enriches our inner world and makes us reconsider our values and our vision of life. Analyzing your past experience, you can easily detect what went wrong and why so you receive more space for development. 

You get a better understanding of the human nature. All people are different and their behaviors are pretty diverse. The more conflicts you survive trough, the more things you find out about humans. You learn how to act in particular situations, how to react to various deeds and words, and how to triumph over your traumas. By all means, this helps you interact with the world more effectively: you become able to distinguish like-minded people from those who can only trouble you. 

You can figure out what is good and what is wrong for you. An unsuccessful romance can simultaneously be fruitful as you know now what qualities you respect in people and what you don’t want to see in your prospective mates. Furthermore, this helps objectively estimate your current partner and deal with love problems. When you know what having your heart broken means, you won’t probably repeat the same mistakes with new lovers. Learn from your mistakes and you will break the cursed circle.

You get ready to move on. When the pain is over, you are full of energy to do new deeds. Romantic relationships are an integral part of a human life yet there are many other things that deserve your attention and effort. Never cease to open new horizons; achieve high results in your career, develop as a person, try new activities, and willingly accept the gifts of life! Apart from taking your worldview to another level, this provides you with chances to meet your soulmate.
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