How to understand that she likes you

20 April 2017 | + Silvia Kabaivanova

Very often men and women have a spark that fades away in a short time if they don’t light up it again and again. However, how to behave if you communicate with a woman, spend time with her, but can't understand and learn if there is a certain sympathy between you or it is a simple friendship?

Signs of sympathy
Of course, all women are different, but there are observed some patterns in their behavior, especially in how they estimate a man when seeing him for the first time. It is very easy to understand by nonverbal behavior – facial expressions, gestures, unconscious actions. We will tell you some secrets.

You need to look at her eyes. If she keeps her eyes on you and your body, then she is obviously interested in you. Also, if during eye contact she looks away shyly – it means that she’s embarrassed. No girl will be embarrassed from a look of an uninteresting man. It is simple and logical.

It is more applicable to women who have long hair. At emotional moments, when women are embarrassed or want to seduce a man, they touch their hair unconsciously. Women say that hair is a kind of female problem because it is difficult to cope with it. They immediately want to fix their hair if a man looks at them.

If a woman licks her lips, then it may be a sign that she likes you and she wants to kiss you. If you are very watchful and ready to catch any nonverbal gesture of a lady, you will be able to notice it. Anyway, it can be an indicator of some excitement. So, if you see that a woman gives you a sign and shows that she likes you – then you need to take the lead and to take the first step.

Accidental touches
Coincidences are not coincident when it concerns women. When a woman touches you, even very quickly, she gives you signals on which you must respond. In any case, do not show that this was unexpected or surprising for you.

How to understand a woman by her behavior

She laughs at your jokes
Any woman can be polite and friendly when people talk to her. But if a woman likes a man, she will laugh at all his jokes and catch every single word that he says. If a woman’s laugh is pushing you to say more – this is a pretty clear sign: you enjoy each other’s company.

She listens to you attentively
If a woman always listens to you attentively, focuses on your words solely, especially with friends, you can be sure that you are nice to her. Moreover, a woman will be not distracted by emails or news on the Internet. She also tries to end the conversation quickly if someone calls her.

She tries to stay close
A lady wants to stay or to be near a man whom she really likes. Women like to be near people who help them feel comfortable and relaxed. So if a girl tries to sit next to you, although there is a lot of space – it is a proof that your presence gives her a sense of security.

She follows you
When a woman likes a man, she, under the guise of various accidents or coincidences, tries to catch his eye everywhere. It becomes interesting for her to communicate with his acquaintances and friends. Of course, it could be a coincidence, but if it happens more and more often, she probably wants to show her sympathy to you.

As you can see, it is not so difficult to understand whether the girl likes you. It is enough to apply the obtained information and to learn how to analyze her behavior. Most nonverbal gestures are recognized without a ton of books and articles, you just have to learn to notice them!

Thanks to our friends from Marry Brides for providing this article.

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