How to Build Your Ultimate Work Wardrobe

07 November 2017 | + Boyana Dimova

The average full-time employee spends between 35 and 50 hours at work each week. However, due to the stresses of daily life, most of us don’t put much thought into what we’re wearing. Not only is it important to look smart at the office, but our clothing can also impact our comfort levels and confidence, so it’s important to make good choices.

We all have handy clothing staples that we fall back on time and time again when we don’t know what to wear but over time these end up looking tired and uninspiring. If you’re stuck in a wardrobe rut, here are three ways to mix up your work-wear repertoire that will help you make an impression.

For the Office
Most employers will issue a dress code to office workers, but impressing your boss is not the only reason you’ll want to dress smartly for work. Research suggests that dressing “better” changes the way our brains work, boosting both confidence and productivity. So what should you wear? For days in the office, a black pencil skirt, a smart blazer, and a button-up shirt always go well together, especially when paired with kitten heels.

It's important you feel confident at work, so don't wear something that doesn't feel like "you." Invest in a work wardrobe that makes you feel smart and presentable, without compromising on comfort. If in doubt, always go for black or charcoal grey; though try to mix it up with a colored shirt, so you don't look too demure.

For Meetings
When you attend a business meeting, whether it’s with clients or colleagues, you are representing the business you work for, so you'll need to make a good impression. You may wish to ramp up your everyday office gear with a slightly higher heel or wear a smart suit.

Avoid anything too casual, as it’s always best to be overdressed rather than underdressed in important work meetings. Whatever you wear, remember to go light on the make-up and steer away from statement jewelry that could distract from your presentation. If you want to look extra professional, use an online slideshow maker to present your work, and your performance will be as slick as your outfit.

When you're traveling for business, you need to be comfortable as well as looking smart. Try wearing a baggy shirt, a cotton blazer and black slacks for stylish business travel, and go light on the jewelry, as you’ll only have to take it off when you go through security.

Sling your heels in your handbag, so they're ready for you to change into on the way to your business meeting, and wear something comfortable on your feet for the journey. Opt for a giant tote bag so you'll have a handy place for your phone, tablet, flight essentials and work documents.

Whatever your working week looks like, start building a wardrobe you can mix and match on a daily basis, and you will never find yourself wondering what to wear to work again. Just make sure you consider comfort when choosing your outfits, and only select garments you know will boost your confidence.

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