Ways That Clothes Can Help Us Feel Better

18 September 2018 | + Boyana Dimova

Everyone will have experienced that wonderful and unique feeling of putting on a new outfit, no matter what the occasion, and feeling good. The knowledge that you look great in it, that it is fashionable and smart, that you enjoy wearing it, all goes towards making you feel amazing when you put it on. You may think that these really are just feelings, but studies have actually shown that something psychological happens to us when we put on new clothes. Take a look at the following examples, and you’ll see what we mean.

Power Dressing
Although many offices and workspaces now allow their employees to wear more casual clothing, it seems to be those who ‘dress for success’ in suits and smart clothing that actually achieve more and do better at work. They appear to have a different way of working, and perhaps even an entirely different work ethic altogether. This differs greatly from those who wear more casual clothing, such as jeans and trainers. It looks as though the clothing matches the effort put into the work, and so dressing smartly will help you go further.

It could be down to self-belief. When dressed in a suit, or clothing that is more formal at least, both men and women are in a better place psychologically to do business. Wearing a suit for a meeting, for example, or when you want to get a business deal done doesn’t just show the other people you are talking to that you are serious; it also helps you to feel more in control and sure of yourself. With this in mind, you are more likely to win the business in the end.

Studies have even shown that when wearing business attire, different hormones are produced (or at least different levels of those hormones) helping us to appear more dominant and self-assured. We become more creative too, and better able to come up with new ideas on the spot. If you only have casual clothing in your wardrobe and you want to make better business decisions, it might be time to think about buying some fantastic suits. Since this would be an investment in your future, installment loans could help you.

Casual Wear
As we’ve already mentioned, formal attire for work situations is the best idea, but that isn’t going to be so much use when you want to socialize after work. Wearing the same clothes for a night out as we did at the office can even make it more difficult to communicate with others, who subconsciously might consider that you are still in ‘work mode’ and aren’t there to have fun. You might also not feel quite so much like enjoying yourself when you are wearing your business suit because you will feel restricted and your mind might still be thinking of the work you did that day, or still need to complete tomorrow. Therefore, it is a good idea to get changed into something more casual when you want to go out after work.

Keeping a spare change of clothes at the office that you can change into easily will alleviate this problem and mean that you can work and have fun without having to worry about what you are going to wear.

Gym Progress
Sometimes it can be difficult to become motivated enough to head to the gym, but since getting enough exercise on a regular basis is so important it really is important that we try. Even if we can’t get to the gym itself, then a jog or a brisk walk around the block can be helpful as long as we get our heart rates up and do it as close to every day as possible. Often we tell ourselves that there are many other things we could and should be doing rather than getting exercise or working out, and when everyone is so busy, the gym can often be skipped.

If you want to be more motivated to workout, think about your clothing. If you get changed into your specific gym clothes, you will start to persuade yourself that you can do the exercising and that you should make the effort. You got changed, after all, so you are halfway ready to go. Plus, wearing these clothes will give you a constant reminder about what you should be doing, and you will be more likely to make healthier choices regarding your meals and what you drink.

Some jobs have a uniform associated with them, and this also gives us a boost psychologically. Wearing a uniform makes us think differently, and helps our brains to engage with the job at hand. Whether you are a nurse, a firefighter, a shop assistant, or anything else, that uniform reminds us of the job we need to do, and helps us remember important information associated with it.

Not only that, but people will automatically have certain expectations of you when you are wearing a uniform. This can give us a higher confidence level; if people are expecting things of us, then it is important not to disappoint, and it feels good to know that we are needed and wanted too. Plus a uniform means that we are part of a team, which is another way to create a huge surge of confidence; we know we are not alone. All this combines to mean we do a better job when wearing a uniform that represents something important.

Designer Clothing
Designer clothing is often (although not always) expensive, but that doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be considered a useful addition to any wardrobe. If you save up for a piece of designer clothing, for example, then every time you wear it, you will be reminded of your willpower and your ability to save money to get what you want, and you will feel happy and proud. Plus, wearing designer clothing will make you feel confident too – other people will notice your clothes and be impressed, and that will make you feel good about yourself.

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