4 Simple Tips for Wearing Expensive Jewelry in A Work Place

30 October 2020 | + Boyana Dimova

Do you know that jewelry has the power of that one thing that can make you feel unique? The feeling is even more incredible if the piece you are wearing is expensive.

Jewelry gives you a particular way to express yourself, even in an office fully. I know there are several companies with stringent policies about jewelry. Some do not permit individuals to wear them at all.  And even if you should wear them, the company can insist that you downplay them.

However, some organizations are not very strict with their rules.  They can allow you to wear jewelry as long as you do not go overboard.

So, if you want to premier your expensive jewelry, you are in the right place. We'll give you four actionable tips to help you wear your expensive pieces the right way.

Top Tips for Wearing Expensive Jewelry in A Work Environment

Deciding sport on expensive jewelry when you are headed for work could be just about making a fashion statement.  The type of jewelry you wear speaks volumes about your income and taste.

While making a statement could be the case for several people, the idea is pretty simple. They did not buy that expensive piece only to keep it in a closet in some box.  They intended to wear it when going anywhere they wished.

It is time to allow your expensive piece of jewelry to develop its wings and accompany you even at your workplace. Follow the tips below to help you do it correctly.

Check the Company’s Policy on Wearing Jewelry.

Before wearing any jewelry, make sure you've understood the company's jewelry policy. Examine the rules in your contract that features the employees’ dress code and even how you should act in your office.

It is a good to avoid doing something that can make you be admonished. After that, you can resolve what jewelry is suitable, though it can be quite expensive.

Observe the Culture of the Office

In every workplace, everybody comes from different backgrounds. Though we can not be identical, a dress code is used to set a standard for everybody. 

Pay close attention to how your colleagues' dress. Are they flashy now and then, or do they have a laid-back approach when it comes to jewelry?

If your colleagues wear expensive jewelry once in a while, do so too. If they do not, desist also.
Also, if your bosses sport sterling silver pendants, think about wearing smaller pieces. After all, you are not the one signing the cheques. 

Determine When to Wear this Expensive Jewelry

 You can wear expensive jewelry when attending corporate meetings as long as you do not wear them on top of your clothes.

You are not looking to impress the clients, so it is critical to dress that part. Wear that expensive watch, diamond stud earrings, a beautiful necklace with a silver pendant, and even tennis bracelets in your corporate meetings.
Just know how to subtly make your jewelry stand out through the outfit you are wearing.

Nonetheless, going to community charity events as part of your company's social responsibilities with a costly watch is not the wisest thing to do.

Avoid Wearing Distracting Jewelry

Noisy and shiny jewelry is very distracting regardless of how exceptional they appear on you.
Keeping the goal that brought you to your workplace will help you do the things that will help you achieve it.
Consequently, wearing a string of magnificent diamond bracelets that chime each time you move your hands makes noise in your place of work.
Furthermore, suppose you are making a presentation when wearing colossal diamond earrings. In that case, people will be more involved in gazing at your earrings than listening to what you are trying to say.
Before wearing any piece of jewelry, consider where you are going. Ask yourself if it will distract other people or even you.

Final Thoughts

Whatever jewelry you choose to wear on any given day, always keep in mind that less is more.  If you wear more than a bracelet, a watch, a necklace, a ring, or earrings, you could be doing too much. Stick to these basics, and you'll never miss the point.

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