Why Viking Fashion Is Making A Comeback

17 February 2021 | + Silvia Kabaivanova

You may have seen countless Viking clothes and jewelry on history books, but now there seems to be rising popularity in their tastes nowadays. Read more about Vikings. Many people wanted to delve further into history and see what fashionable accessories or clothes they can bring to the present but ensuring that the fabrics still look like they belong to the current times as much as possible.

In ancient times, the Norse men and women made clothes that can decay to the soil over time. There are no concrete archeological pictures about the actual look of a complete garment worn by the Vikings for the record. Fortunately, there were enough fragments that piece how these dresses and habits generally look like, and many are now getting clues about the simple outfits that the Vikings wore.

About the Clothes
The two primary materials where the garments came from were flax and wool. The fibers of hemp plans may play roles in colder areas. Wool is an excellent fabric that is used in Scandinavian regions because it can provide warmth even if it gets wet. During the Viking ages, sheep are often white, which is also the color of many clothes.

Norse people wear garments in layers to survive during harsh winter months. Some of the linen may be used for undergarments because they have a more comfortable feel than wool. Silk can be a luxury, and it's expensive, so only a few elites may have been able to afford it. Fur was used in trimmings and cloaks for a more regal appearance.

In ancient times, dyes were used in the hopes that the clothes will give different colors. However, these synthetic colors may fade after just a few washes, mostly if they were of low quality.

Shoes and boots were made from calfskin or goatskin, and they are tied on the ankles. It's common for men to wear hats, and women have gloves to protect themselves from the colder winds. Both men and women may have linen or silk bands for tying their hairs if they feel like it.

For men, it's typical for them to see breeches and trousers. There are also tunics present that cover shirts underneath. They may wear loose or tight-fitting clothes depending on the work that they will do for the day. You can know more about Viking Brands fashion on the right website and see what other options are out there. You can be rest assured that the outfits fit with the times, but they'll have a Viking feel on them that you may not be able to resist.

The trousers vary in length, and they usually have hoses to cover their legs and feet. This may sound feminine nowadays, but stockings are perfectly acceptable for men. Belts and buckles are made from silver and bronze, and there are pouches where they can be put when not in use.

During wintertime, men may be draped with cloaks and extra shirts for more warmth. They fasten these cloaks on their right shoulders with the help of ties and heavy brooches. The right hand is free to hold a weapon or tools to finish their work more swiftly.

Women may wear chemise made from wool or linen, and they are usually very long. Woolen dresses are draped over the chemise, and they're snugly fitted. The length can be from halfway down the calf up to the shoulders. The clothes are usually long enough to trail behind the females as they walk.

The dresses may be helped by two brooches fastened at the shoulders with straps. These brooches may be made of bronze and oval-shaped for a more secure clasp. There's another brooch that's located at the chest for more security.

When women need to go outside, they may have to get cloaks or shawls over their hoses for protection against the elements. Like men's clothes, they have a pocket or purse where they can store their knife used for hunting.

It's natural that the higher the standing of a person in society, the fancier the clothes would have been. Great additions may include furs, silks, and embroideries made from silver and gold.
How Vikings Made their Clothing

Viking Fashion

In many pre-industrial settings, the creation of clothes is usually the task for women to do. These involved a lot of time, skill, patience, and hard work. Part of the domestic responsibilities is ensuring that the men are comfortable with what they are wearing, especially when they go out.

The first step in making the clothes is to shear the sheep. This is a painless process for many animals, and it's done by hand. The practice of using tools like scissors was not known then, but it was done efficiently. The wool and fibers were then sorted, cleaned, and combed until it will become yarn. Learn more about wool here: https://www.encyclopedia.com/sports-and-everyday-life/fashion-and-clothing/textiles-and-weaving/wool.
The yarn is going to be placed on a wooden staff where it will be spun. It will be woven into particular garments on vertical looms, so the fabric remains straight as the work progresses. All of these are done by hand, and additions can be made in the middle of the process.

About the Pieces of Jewelry
Brooches are essential since they hold the garments in place. One of their primary functions may be for practicality, but they are also very fashionable. In the 10th century, many brooches had typical oval shapes, and women typically wear these over their dresses. Oval domes and disc-shaped brooches may have replaced them, but there are still in fashion today.

Ostentatious jewelry is often seen in necklaces and rings. Amber glass and beads were ordinary in upper-classes as well as imported crystals and gems. In addition to these, Thor's hammers, miniature thrones, and crosses are carved in knives and act as pendants to amulets. There are many things to learn when it comes to Viking jewelry, and now, they are making a comeback because they have never lost their charms. Many are still wanting to get the looks in today's times that generally represent power and grace.

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