Tips on Finding Bilutleie Tenerife

05 Mart 2021 | + Boyana Dimova

Located on the Canary Islands of Spain, Tenerife is surrounded by one of Spain’s tallest peaks Mt. Teide. Known for its famous ‘Carnaval de Santa Cruz’, Tenerife attracts millions of people from around the globe. The pristine beaches, premium beachline resorts, and the enthusiasm in the air beckon people to soak in the holiday spirit around the year. 

If you are planning to traverse the mesmerizing landscape of Tenerife, there’s nothing as convenient as hiring a car.

A vehicle by your side provides you with the comfort of moving around at your will. While there is a plethora of rental services you’ll find on the island, you can hire a car Leiebil på Tenerife to conveniently travel to any of your favorite hotspots. Checking out sites that give way to authentic information can enable you to compare rates and features before hiring.

For those scouting for a reputable car rental agency in Tenerife, here are a few tips to help you find the best service.

Depending on your need you can begin your search for a reputable car rental agency. You can either choose to hire a vehicle with a driver or opt for self-driven cars. For the latter option, you will have to make sure that you have an international driving license accepted by the host country. Booking in advance, say at least a couple of weeks before your trip can get you a good deal.

Even if your rental agency doesn’t mention it, don’t forget to keep your identity card and passport handy, just in case the cops ask for it. 

Why do you need a car?
Are you confused about whether to rent a car in the Spanish lands? Of course, this spectacular city provides an array of public transport facilities to its tourists. One of the most beautiful islands in Spain, hiring a vehicle allows people to easily scoot to any destination in and around Tenerife. Be it to immerse yourself in the Playa da las Américas beach or window shop in Santa Cruz city, you won’t have to queue up to purchase tickets or board a bus. 

By booking a personal vehicle you can make impromptu plans and head to any destination anytime and from anywhere you like.

Airport services


You can rent a car from the airport itself; thanks to top-notch agency suppliers that can arrange for a pick-up from the terminus. Be it the South or North Tenerife Airport, you can avail of the choicest car from a multitude of reputable companies. Hertz, Europcar, Sixt, you can hire a model that befits your needs and preference to navigate through Santa Cruz de Tenerife. 

For self-drivers new to the Spanish roads, apps such as Google Maps and Waze can come in handy. These apps help you plan your trip and find the shortest routes without getting lost. Searching for interesting things to do in the Canary Islands? read more at

Know the traffic rules 


Your car agency in Tenerife should lay out the traffic rules and regulations before renting the vehicle. In case of any doubts, seek for clarifications to avoid landing up in a legal suit. Having to pay road fines can burn a hole in your pockets and cause unnecessary hassle. 
Serene yet buzzing with zest, the island city of Tenerife doesn’t mind drivers honking to convey a thank-you message to drivers who let you pass by. 

Ask your agency for additional tips on enjoying a smooth drive around the island. For instance, you may find the streets of Santa Cruz way too crowded during peak work hours in the morning. If you wish to avoid that clogged up commuter traffic, avoid driving down between 8-10 am. 12 -2 pm experiences relatively lesser traffic. 

Fuel Policy and rates
Every agency is likely to have a different fuel policy. When hiring makes sure that it is well-stated in the contract. Some agencies may hand over a car with a full tank and prefer you return it that. Regardless of the policy, don’t forget to ask for a quotation of their rates before renting. With many competitors in the market, you may have a fair chance of saving money. Find more about the latest gas prices in Spain.

Does the agency charge you by the day, hours, or distance? Get all the details in writing in advance to make a comprehensive analysis before hiring. The rates, mileage, features, and services may also vary depending on the chosen vehicle model. High-end cars may offer lesser mileage but more comfort. Moreover, don’t forget to consider the flexibility of parking a small car can offer. 

Whether you are on a family vacation or traveling solo, make sure to find out more about the facilities of the vehicle before booking it. Also, a bigger car may impose the additional responsibility of finding a suitable parking space. 

Smaller cars on the other hand may be convenient to park. Moreover, while some beachside parking may be free in Tenerife, the multi-store arrangements may charge you reasonably. Regardless of the car size, you have in mind, a look at all the catalog can open up more options. 



When renting a vehicle in Tenerife, make sure you pick a model that can provide optimum comfort of driving through the diverse terrain. Along with the space to accommodate the passengers, the vehicle should have a security arrangement to carry all their luggage. Does the vehicle have roof racks to pack in extra baggage? A top-rated supplier should be able to make the necessary arrangements for you.

Whether you head towards the center of the island to visit Mount Teide or drive along the sandy beaches, nothing should stop you from gearing up for the expedition. First-time road expeditors can check out this site on how to take a road trip at

The road to Teide is rough and steep and may pose a vertical challenge with its ascending heights. With a befitting car, you can enjoy the thrill of it all. Check with your agency for options on a sturdy car that you can drive to the parking base of the volcanic foothills of Mount Teide. From there, you can take a cable car to view the panorama of the Canary Islands.  

A reputable car renting provider ensures that all terms and conditions are kept transparent. Also, make sure that the agency offers insurance and on-road assistance. In case of any damage to the car, the insurance will cover the damage cost. Moreover, promising on-road assistance will enable you to confidently drive through the sealine. You can read testimonials, customer reviews, and feedback on open forums to hire the best car rental service. 

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